January 12, 2024

Cheers To You! Volume Nine: All About Wedding Reception Photographs

All About Wedding Reception Photographs

Morning! Today, I am so excited to share another episode of Cheers To You with you! We are about to chat all about wedding reception photographs – what you can expect, how your reception should feel, and whether your wedding photographer will catch every moment. Not going to lie: When I was a new photographer, I had a hard time sitting down during wedding receptions (even to eat!) because I was so terrified to miss a moment. Now, though, I’m much more concerned with capturing the vibe than I am every single moment.

Sound a little different? This is what I mean!

There’s a ton going on at each and every wedding reception. Like, it’s impossible to capture every moment at a wedding reception because there are so many stories happening at the same time. Because of this, it’s so important to me that I photograph the feel of a wedding. Whether that’s a big dance party, a chill backyard hang, or somewhere in between, I love photographing weddings – and wedding receptions! – that showcase the personality of my couples. It’s so rad.

Super excited to share this episode with you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Receptions

How Can We Make Our Reception – and Reception Photos! – Fun?

Do We Need a Band or DJ?

Should Photographs Stay for the Whole Reception?

Should We Do Garter and Bouquet Tosses?

Do Photographers Still Take Table Shots?

When Do Photographers Eat Dinner?

Are There Any Reception Moments That Won’t Be Photographed?

Want to Know This Episode in One Quote? You Know I’ve Got You!

“Like with all things, remember that your wedding reception is whatever you want it to be. While I love photographing a wedding reception with a ton of dancing, I’m super aware that this isn’t the best fit for everyone. Plan a reception that you’d want to party at! Is that a big lawn full of games? A chill cookout? A super glam Vegas style party? All of these sound so good to me. 

If you hire a photographer whose goal is to capture the personality of your day, they are going to be down to photograph whatever your day brings. I’ve said it so many times and will say it again: Your wedding day is a celebration of YOU. Just the two of you. Plan a reception you’ll freaking love! And your wedding reception photographs? They’ll show this!”



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