December 21, 2023

Cozy Newborn Photographs in Fayetteville Arkansas: How I Approach Them!

How I Approach Newborn Photography in Fayetteville, Arkansas

As I recently said in my sweet niece Lainey’s newborn post: If you know me, you know I love a baby. When I started photography, I absolutely wanted to be a posed newborn photographer with, like, all the props and flowers. And as it turns out? I LOVE a flower. And love a baby with flowers. Posed baby photos, though? They’re not my jam! My newborn photographs in Fayetteville, Arkansas are a little bit different than what I first thought it would be when I started shooting and, today, I thought it would be so fun to do a blog about how my newborn sessions flow!

I offer two different types of newborn sessions: Lifestyle family photographs at home or cozy newborn sessions on the floor (literally, lol) at my home office in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Both session options are totally cozy, totally full of love and just the absolute best.

I’m so excited to chat about them with y’all! So! Let’s get started!

cute baby photographs in northwest arkansas

How Do You Photograph Newborns?

In My Office: Depending on the session type (I have a quick session option + a full hour shoot available!), I set up one to three cozy setups. This totally varies but usually looks like this: a solid blanket with texture, a quilt, and a plain (sometimes hand dyed!) sheet. When photographing young babies, I swaddle them up (so cute and cozy!!), lay them on a nursing pillow, and get to shooting. Parents can sit on a chair, the porch (depending on the time of year!), or right on the floor next to me. It’s super cozy and relaxed!

In My Client’s Homes: We do lots of lifestyle photos and, if requested, one simple backdrop similar to what I described above. Depending on the inspiration photos I’ve been sent, I’ll either do flatlay photographs or a cute + cozy backdrop! I LOVE creating newborn photographs in Fayetteville by placing babies on quilts and family blankets. It’s so cozy and homey, too!

The Biggest Difference? Sessions taken in my office are just of the baby. Lifestyle sessions in my client’s homes include a whole bunch of family photographs and lots of solo baby photos, too. Also just realizing that most of the photos in this post are from my office, lol.

What Age Do You Recommend Photographing Babies?

Traditionally, newborn photographs are best taken when the baby is 7-10 days old. I love shooting in this time frame for those real cute new baby details but, honestly, I’m also really into photographing lifestyle baby photographs when a baby is a little older. I melt for cozy lifestyle newborn photographs and my heart just totally bursts for gummy three month old smiles, too. It really just depends on what best fits your family!

Cause as a mom? I totally get it! There’s something once in a lifetime about uninterrupted time with a brand new babe! I love photographing newborn sessions but also am totally game for photographing lifestyle baby sessions at any age. Once they start to crawl, they’re pretty wiggly but, before they can crawl, they can’t get away! Little mom of three tip for you, hahaha.

funny newborn photographs with dinosaurs by fayetteville newborn photographerheirloom baby photographs in bentonville arkansas

Does My Baby Need To Sleep During Our Shoot?

Nope! For most posed newborn photographs, babies sleep. For the kind of newborn photographs I take in Northwest Arkansas, it doesn’t really matter! Baby photographs where newborns are wide awake absolutely kill me – they’re so hilariously cute! – so I’m up for whatever your baby decides to do! I decided a long time ago (like, over a decade ago) that I would approach family and newborn photography like I photograph my own kids: super relaxed, playful, and cozy. As a mom, those are my absolute favorite photographs. And as a photographer? They’re my fave, too! I love a cozy baby photo!

Do You Prove Styling For Our Shoot?

Yes and no! I will provide as many backdrops as needed and keep a stash of quilts, baskets, blankets, and swaddles on hand for sessions. I’m also always up to look over a Pinterest board and always up to let you know if I have things that fit your vibe. I’m literally always up to build a set for any of my studio sessions. That said, I love baby photographs that incorporate family items – family quilts, heirloom baby toys, outfits handed down from mom or a favorite cousin – all those little details just totally speak to my heart. I adore baby photographs with lots of heart!

Speaking of Pinterest boards! You can see my family + baby inspo here!

Have Any Questions For Me?

Contact me here and let me know! I’d love to chat with you about newborn photography in Fayetteville!

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