August 13, 2014

Click Away! | All Lightroom, All The Time.

Lightroom is, like my favorite thing in the world.

You can call it all the things it technically is – an image processor, a photo product by Adobe, the thing people use when they don’t want to use Photoshop, that thing Lissa Chandler is always telling everything to use – but I’m going to call it what it really is: A computer program with black and gray packaging that is basically a magic bag of rainbows and sparklers and butterflies.

I mean, the program is magic. Magic!

Senior Model Photoshoot in Northwest Arkansas by Lissa Chandler -

I taught myself to edit on a little white 2008 MacBook in the Apple editing program “Aperture” before I even knew what the word “Aperture” meant. I pushed sliders and added vignettes and tried to edit out three zits on my chin and had absolutely no clue what I was doing but, by the time I switched to Lightroom in early 2012, was super comfortable in the program and loved it so much that, when I installed Lightroom 3 on the shiny new iMac we’d bought just for editing, I thought Lightroom was for the birds and that I’d never get used to it because there was so much more information everywhere. I disliked it so much that I considered switching to Photoshop (I do not like Photoshop) but, within a week, I was shocked and amazed at how powerful Lightroom was.

For me, Lightroom is intuitive. I don’t use Lightroom to organize my photographs (something that it definitely offers!) but it is the only program that I use to edit. Whether it be a photograph of my family or a photograph of a sunrise or a senior or a new baby boy or a bride seeing her husband for the first time on her wedding day – I only use Lightroom. The thing I love most about Lightroom is that you can do quick, simple edits and also more elaborate edits. While I do think that Photoshop is the right choice for photographers who focus on elaborate editing, I have never been interested in this kind of editing. I love that Lightroom enhances the natural colors and atmosphere of straight out of camera images and I love that I am able to edit my photographs in a very precise way. As someone who edits all images by hand, this is such a great program! I love the options that Lightroom gives – that I am still able to use brushes and control the intensity of colors – and, for me, it is the perfect fit.

And in September?

I’ll be teaching a class on Lightroom at Click Away!

There’s a few spots left in this class, so grab a seat and come see how I takes images straight out of the camera and transform them into final products in Lightroom 5 – sometimes in less than a minute. Here’s a few before and afters!

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Is this class (or a tutorial, or anything!) available? 🙂 I have LR5 & loooove it so so much! I’m always interested in seeing how other people use it.