August 5, 2014

Our Summer So Far | Arkansas Photographer Lissa Chandler

Like always, I have been the absolute worst taking photographs of my family.

It’s such a funny thing. When I first started, I could photograph my family all the time. My husband, our babies, the flowers on the kitchen table, the long walks we took behind our apartment, car rides, mornings at the park, high fives over dinner, swimming lessons smack dab in the middle of the day, firefly shows at night – I could photograph it all and never got tired of it. And now? It’s not that I get tired of it, but I somehow forget. And if I remember? I forget to edit them.

I mean, I may or may not have photographs from Thanksgiving sitting on a hard drive right now.

But! When I woke up this morning, I had the strongest urge to share a few of our summertime photographs. We have had such a good summer. We went to Texas, Max went to Kansas City, the boys took swimming lessons, we explored new lakes and new hiking trails and, really, have just had the best time. Henry is growing like a weed. He turns two in October and I am just amazed by how much he talks and how much life he has inside of his little boy. Max turned four in July and he is the happiest person I’ve ever met. Also, the funniest. Like, not only is he just a funny person, but he is always in the funniest predicaments. For example, we’ve been home bound for two days because he got into a nest of chiggers Friday night and he’s so itchy that he’s been running around in his dad’s t-shirt since Saturday night. Well, at least he ran around in his dad’s t-shirt until yesterday afternoon when he found out that mom’s shirts are way softer than dad’s. Also, they work better with capes.

Being a parent is the funniest.

Here’s a few photographs from the past two months! These guys are just the best.

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