May 15, 2024

What’s The Difference Between Inspiration and Copying in My Photography Business?

What’s The Difference Between Inspiration and Copying in My Photography Business?

Oh hey! It’s Wednesday! And On Wednesdays at Your Photographer Mom? We are doing little solo tutorials! And today? We are talking about a really fun topic: What’s the difference between inspiration and copying in my photography business?

Inspiration happens and, honestly, it is the most amazing thing. I love being inspired by so many artists and photographers and movies and even just the way the light falls between the trees. Inspiration is in-freaking-credible! We should celebrate it! But when you’re new? Or new to a specific style? Sometimes you might ask yourself: Am I inspired by something? Or am I maybe copying a little too hard? Today, we’re chatting how to tell the difference in your own work… and maybe how people will find inspiration from your work, too. I told y’all! It’s a really fun topic! Let’s go!

Inspiration v. Copying: Here’s What We’ll Discuss!

Inspiration is Mimicking a Feeling; Copying is Recreating (Several) Details

One Detail is Fine, All Details is Wrong

If You Are Being Copied, Trust That No One Can Make What YOU Make!

How Trends Evolve in Photography

Exercise: What Makes Your Work Unique?

Talk About What Makes You Unique! Enthusiasm is Key!

Want To Know This Episode in One Quote? You Know I’ve Always Got You!

“When we start photography, it’s easy to see things very cut and dry, particularly when it comes to inspiration. When we are new to creating, it’s really easy to feel like you are the first one to do anything and, because of this, if you see a similar image, you might feel like someone is mimicking you. And while that can definitely happen be something that happens, there’s also a lot of trends and inspiration within photography.

So! If you are a new photographer worrying about the difference between copying and inspiration – whether you’re the inspiration or looking for inspiration yourself – this podcast is absolutely for you! Cannot wait to share my thoughts on a super complex (lol) with you!”

Want Some Homework? Here We Go!

Start listings ways your work is unique! It might be hard to come up with the first couple of ways that your work stands out amongst other photographers (actually, it totally will be!) but, once you get going, you’ll have a long list in no time.

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And starting this week? I’ve been holding too many interviews for too long so, from here on out, we’ll have an interview on Tuesday + a tutorial on Wednesday! I can’t say that we’ll do double episodes every week but, every week we have an interview on Tuesday, a photography tutorial will follow on Wednesday!

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