May 14, 2024

How Can I Work on Creative Growth Through Creative Studio Portraits: Your Photographer Mom Guest Rachel Penry

How Can I Work on Creative Growth Through Creative Studio Portraits?

Morning! I hope y’all are ready to fall totally in love with a creative studio photographer today!

Rachel of Penry Studios is chatting with us on Your Photographer Mom and she is so creative and fantastic! Rachel, a wonderfully creative studio photographer in Castle Rock, Colorado creates total works of art in studio spaces filled with creative visions. Her work is colorful, creative and totally fresh, too! And today? We’re chatting about this: How Can I Work on Creative Growth Through Creative Studio Portraits?

Rachel – who totally went to high school with my husband! – knows her stuff. So excited to share this with you!

Here’s What We’re Chatting About Today!

Rachel’s Photography Background

A Little About Pricing

The Benefit of Being Told “No”

How No Photographer Has The Exact Same Path

Finding Creative Growth in Studio Portraits

Rachel of Penry Studio has such a wonderful artistic background and I just loved chatting with her so much about this topic. Doing this podcast has been so much fun and I loved hanging out with Rachel for a morning! Her work is so artistic and well styled and – can I say it? – really freaking cool. Like, it’s just got a cool vibe. Get ready to fall in love with it! This girl knows all about light and creativity, too!

Rachel Penry of Penry Studio

More About Rachel of Penry Studio in Castle Rock, Colorado

From Rachel’s Website: Rachel Penry Langlois is a fine art portrait photographer based in Castle Rock, Colorado. As a former art educator with over a decade of experience, Rachel is an expert at turning creative ideas into gallery-worthy pieces. She lives to tell human stories through her work, and her portraits have found wide acclaim across the US and abroad. Rachel has created a diverse portfolio of photography projects that span from regular headshots to elaborate sets. No commission is too big or too small. Likewise as a body-positive photographer, no body is too big or too small to feel and look amazing through Rachel’s lens. Her clients leave feeling like a work of art, with their works of art printed in hand and ready for display; that’s a Rachel promise.

When she’s not behind the camera, Rachel is an avid beekeeper, gardener, and supportive mom and wife. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Arizona State University. Her work has been featured by Sony Alpha, Sony Alpha Female, Voyage Denver Magazine, as well as earning silver and platinum awards from ICON and PPA, and has been recognized by Richard Wood and the Portrait Masters Image Awards.


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Rachel Penry of Penry StudioRachel Penry of Penry StudioRachel Penry of Penry StudioRachel Penry of Penry Studio

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Rachel Penry of Penry Studio

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