January 23, 2024

Should I Feel Stuck in My Photography Style? | Your Photographer Mom Episode 015

Should I Feel Stuck in My Photography Style?

If you know me, you know I LOVE chatting about photography style. So today? Let’s take it a little farther than usual!

Ask yourself: Should you feel stuck in a photography style? As always! Grab your favorite iced drink, snuggle up in your favorite editing chair, and pull up your photography editing queue. Because today? We’ve got twenty-five minutes talking all about photography style. Let’s go, my friends!

In this week’s photography podcast, we talk about:

Why Having a Style is Awesome

How Style is Inherent

Why Style is a Jumping Off Point, Not an End Goal

Using Your Style in New Creative Projects

Wanna Know This Episode in One Quote? Wonderful!

“Having a style is not something that means you have to do the same thing over and over again. It means that there is a common thread that’s in your work. And this thread? It could be visual, emotional, or even location based. As always, there is no one right way to approach anything and, with style, if we all approached it the same way, that would be totally boring. And as a creative photographer? The last thing I want is to create boring photographs. I want to create fun ones instead!”

Want to Work on Your Photography Style This Week? I’ve Got You!

Keep shooting through what you would normally shoot! Have a newborn session? Take your photographs like you normally would, then zoom in and out for a few. What caught your notice? How can you incorporate that in your work?

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Based in Fayetteville, Arkansas Lissa Chandler is a portrait and wedding photographer. Lissa is also the owner of Opal and June where she offers mockup photographs, bookish + history merch, and the dreamiest photoshoot dress rentals. Additionally, Lissa is the host of the podcast Your Photographer Mom. As a creative photographer in Northwest Arkansas, Lissa doesn’t niche down on a genre. She niches on a feeling instead! That feeling? The huge, happy feeling of hope and excitement that you feel as a kid opening up a huge box of 120 crayons. Sound like a feeling you remember? Let’s shoot!