May 10, 2024

Colorful Wedding Photography in Northwest Arkansas | Fayetteville Wedding Photographer

Colorful Wedding Photography in Northwest Arkansas + Everywhere!

Last week, I had the most fun writing a Three Things I Love post about Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista. And today? I thought it would be so fun to write one about, like, my very heart and soul: colorful wedding photography.

I love color for all kinds of photos but love it especially for weddings because weddings are a total celebration of love, fun, and family. Color is such a great way to drive emotion and memory and, as someone who’s favorite topic (besides her kids + photography, lol) is color, I just can never stop talking about the benefits of colorful wedding photography once I start chatting about them. Honestly, it’s just totally wonderful.

So let’s go! Here’s three things I love about colorful wedding photos!

One: Colorful wedding photography just catches the vibe.

As someone who adores color, I mean it when I say I love all the color. I love colors with muted tones, pastel tones, vintage tones, and everything under the sun. To me, color is just absolutely refreshing and it’s a great way to teleport your heart back to a very specific moment. When color is used in wedding photography, I feel like you can really feel yourself in that wedding day. While I wouldn’t say my use of color is 150% natural – I do a lot of brushing and do color grading on all my photographs – I use bright colors in a very peppy, natural way that really captures the feeling of celebration and love that surrounds couples on their wedding day. It’s the best! And honestly? It’s just really freaking fun!

Do I love a good black and white? Absolutely. Do I think colorful wedding photography is the best fit for everyone? Not really! But does colorful wedding photography just catch a total vibe? Yes and yes! I love it so much and love using it in my wedding photos!

Two: I love the way color works with light.

As a colorful wedding photographer, I love the way that light plays with color, how color is never exactly the same, and that, even with a really simple backdrop (like the photo below!) pops of color – even neutrals! – can add so much warmth with even just a touch of light. I love using light as a compositional tool in my colorful wedding photography and love the whimsy and nostalgia it can bring into my photographs, even if the setups are very neutral.

Light is so incredibly important in photography and I love that, when shooting, I can step back, look at the light, and plan for how it will fall best to enhance the colors (and happiness!) in my photographs. Did I mention this is one of my favorite subjects? Lol.

Three: Color adds a dash of happiness to literally everything.

Not going to lie: I’m a total maximalist.

This means a lot of things – like the fact that I design the most floral animal + photographer tee shirts! – but, because I’m a maximalist, I get a little boost every time I pepper a new dash of color to my images. I love how bright colors can make you feel and I love that, for many of us, colorful photographs immediately make us smile. I love to say that my wedding photographs are so happy, your grandkids will frame them. And while this is a cute saying I love? It’s also the total vibe I’m going for! I love using color to bring a happy dash of nostalgia to all of my photographs. It brings so much sunshine into the cloudiest days and I just can’t say enough about how much I love colorful wedding photography. One more thought, though! I love the way that color blends traditional wedding photography and trendy wedding photography for a total vibe of feeling and, while I joke a little about grandkids framing photographs, I can absolutely see it happening. Who wouldn’t want a colorful photo of their grandparents on their wedding day? I sure would!

Love colorful wedding photography too? You know what to do!

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