March 29, 2024

Modeling Opportunities in Fayetteville, Arkansas | It’s That Time! Building Up My Modeling List

Modeling Opportunities in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Hey y’all! Today, I have something super exciting! For the first time ever, I’m building up my modeling list in a more streamlined way. If you’re new here, hi! My name’s Lissa Chandler and I’m a colorful + creative photographer based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Am I a wedding photographer? Yes! A product photographer? Yes! A family photographer? Yes! A photography instructor? Absolutely! I feel so passionately about niching down on a feeling rather than niching on a genre and, because of this, my work is all over the map subject wise. From lifestyle newborns to weddings to editorials full of flowers, my work going forward is going to be a huge mix of client work, editorial, product, and stock.

So! Interested in modeling opportunities in Fayetteville, Arkansas with a photographer who really loves color, really loves light, loves creating, and loves celebrating life one photograph at a time? Fantastic! I am so happy you found me! Below, you’ll find a sign up form for modeling opportunities in Northwest Arkansas. Not in Northwest Arkansas? Totally cool! I travel throughout the US regularly for shoots and would love to have your info!

Have any questions? Let me know here!

studio boudoir photographs

More About Modeling Opportunities with Lissa Chandler Photography

Worried about modeling experience? Don’t even think twice about it! No modeling experience is needed for any of my models. I’ve been photographing awesome people in Northwest Arkansas + everywhere for nearly twenty years so I’ve got all the experience we need. If you like the photographs on this website, you’re going to love our photographs! Modeling opportunities with me include (but are not limited to):

Editorials: Weddings, Couples, Seniors, Fashion, Family, Maternity

Stock: Mockup Photos, Commercial Stock, Portrait Stock Photographs

Product: Opal and June Product Photographs

Educational: Shoots Intended for Photography Education, Workshops, or Large Group Shoots

The majority of our modeling work is TFP. This means that models will receive a digital download of the final edited images from our shoot that they can use for their modeling portfolios or any type of personal use like printing, sharing online, and all the fun stuff you’d do with photographs from a normal portrait session. Editorial / model shoots are a blast and so creative, too!

Looking for paid modeling work? Mockup photography, stock photoshoots, and Opal and June product photoshoots are all paid modeling opportunities.

I think that’s enough talking details! Hop below the next photograph to fill out my form! Cannot wait to get to know you!!

studio bridal shoot with roses


Colorful Wedding Photography in Tulsa: Bride in Garden Gate Wearing Yellow Dress

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Based in Fayetteville, Arkansas Lissa Chandler is a portrait and wedding photographer who celebrates life one photograph at a time. Lissa is also the owner of Opal and June where she offers mockup photographs, bookish + history merch, and the dreamiest photoshoot dress rentals. Additionally, Lissa is the host of the laid back, conversational podcasts Your Photographer Mom and Our Favorite Villes.

As a creative photographer in Northwest Arkansas, Lissa doesn’t niche down on a genre. She niches on a feeling instead! That feeling? The huge, happy feeling of hope and excitement that you feel as a kid opening up a huge box of 120 crayons. Sound like a feeling you remember? Let’s shoot!