March 2, 2015

Let’s Talk Albums! | Everyone Needs One!

If you’ve met me in real life then you know that I am, like, the least sell-y person ever.

I have this theory that, if I’m genuine, I’ll attract awesome people and friends and clients and, so far, it’s totally working. I write exactly how I talk so, in all of my e-mails and meetings and blog posts and social media updates, I am super casual and basically talk to everyone like we’ve been friends for seventeen years. I am a full time photographer by trade – I often work sixteen hour days six days a week and I very rarely take time off (that’s glamorous, right?) – but I’m also a photographer because I love photography with my entire heart. I LOVE photography. I’ve loved it since I was Max’s age and, every day, I am grateful that I’ve been able to build a full time career out of one of my very biggest passions. Photography is the best and I just cannot even believe this is the twist my life took. I mean, it’s amazing!

Photography is about people. It’s about little moments and personality quirks and loved ones and, ultimately, photographs just make people happy. And lately? All I can think about is how I wish all of my clients – the seniors and the couples and the brides and grooms and the families – had albums of their sessions and weddings. I think that photo albums are so wonderful and I want everyone to have one! They are the best!

Here’s a few photographs of some of my sample albums!

My favorite thing about albums is that, unlike digital files on a computer screen, you can hold them in your hands and experience the photographs in a way you really can’t otherwise. While I do love loose prints, I love how albums tell a whole story and hold so many photographs between the pages. It’s amazing! So! Even though I am the least sell-y of all the salespeople out there, I just had to share these albums with you and let each and every one of my friends and clients know that these albums can be purchased with every single one of my sessions and weddings. Digital files are awesome for sharing but, when it comes to an heirloom that you’ll share with yourself and your current and your future family and your friends, there’s nothing better than an album. I sell albums in several different sizes and they come in over twenty colors. Also, if I hadn’t made this clear already, I think that they are absolutely stunning and I want everyone to have one.

And for fun! Here’s a digital photograph from Rose and Jake’s wedding:

And the same photograph in a 10×10 leather album (the album I lovingly refer to as The Beast because it is huge and heavy and also crazy beautiful – see a photograph of my son holding it here!):

Crazy, right? If you want to see more photographs from these albums, check out Rose and Jake’s Mother’s Day Wedding, Brittany and Trey’s Engagement Session, Cassie and Tim’s Fall Wedding, and Rachel and Adam’s Airplane Wedding. And when you schedule your portrait session or wedding? Don’t forget to ask about albums! You want one!!

And that, my friends, is as sales-y as I ever get. I hope you enjoyed it!

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