May 8, 2024

How To Incorporate Smiling Photographs Into Your Photography Shooting Style | What’s A Mom Shot?

How To Incorporate Smiling Photographs Into Your Photography Shooting Style

I cannot wait to share this week’s photography tutorial with you! As a colorful wedding photographer in Northwest Arakansas + Everywhere, I get it! The candid, romantic photographs are often the most fun to take. But sometimes? You’ve just got to take a Mom Shot. Not sure what a Mom Shot is? It’s this! The smiling, happy photographs your mom wants to frame on her living room mantle, hallway family photo gallery, on an a bookcase in her office. As a mom + photographer, this episode is a freaking blast and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you about mom shots, why they’re important, and how they’re literally no big to create. Grab that coffee! We have things to talk about this morning!


Here’s What We’re Chatting About Today!

What’s A Mom Shot?

Why Should I Include Mom Shots in My Gallery?

How Can I Seamlessly Add Mom Shots into My Shooting Workflow?

Balancing Creative with Mom Shot Type Photos

Tips to Make Mom Shots Easier!

Want To Know This Episode on One Quote? You Know I’ve Always Got You!

“I think most moms love to have a photograph of everyone smiling… I love creative photography but I still have a framed 16×20 of my three kids smiling over my desk. So if I have a mom shot framed over my desk? Most moms are going to want one, too!”

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Based in Fayetteville, Arkansas Lissa Chandler is a portrait and wedding photographer who celebrates life one photograph at a time. Lissa is also the owner of Opal and June where she offers mockup photographs, bookish + history merch, and the dreamiest photoshoot dress rentals. Additionally, Lissa is the host of the laid back, conversational podcasts Your Photographer Mom and Our Favorite Villes.

As a creative photographer in Northwest Arkansas, Lissa doesn’t niche down on a genre. She niches on a feeling instead! That feeling? The huge, happy feeling of hope and excitement that you feel as a kid opening up a huge box of 120 crayons. Sound like a feeling you remember? Let’s shoot!