March 19, 2024

How Do I Get Into Stock Photography? | Your Photographer Mom Guest: Aubrey Westlun

How Do I Get Into Stock Photography?

Morning! Today, I am so freaking excited about our episode! We are chatting nonstop (literally, I had to start recording almost immediately after we introduced ourselves!) with Aubrey Westlund today all about stock photography, how creatively fulfilling stock photography can be, and how stock photography is a great source of passive income. As someone who sells on Etsy (physical products + digital mockup photos!), I know how often the term “passive income” is thrown around in a lot of online talking spaces but, when Aubrey talks about passive income opportunities within stock photography, she totally knows what she’s talking about! And best of all? She’s so willing to share!

So! You know what to do! Pull up your editing list, grab your fave drink (mine’s a homemade iced vanilla latte this morning!), and stretch your cheeks a bit. You’re about to laugh so much + feel so inspired by everything Aubrey is sharing with us. She has such a fresh take on stock imagery and this episode is so freaking fun!

Your Photographer Mom Episode 023 with Guest Aubrey Westlund

Get Ready To Be So Inspired + Dust Off Some Old Photos! Today, We’re Talking About:

Aubrey’s Photography Background

How Aubrey Got Into Stock Photography

The Ins & Outs of Stock Photography

Info on Aubrey’s Upcoming Stock Photography Bootcamp!

If you are interested in stock photography, this is absolutely the place for you! Aubrey is so upbeat and so full of information and I just loved hearing her perspective on stock photography. Be sure to download her Little Black Book of Stock Agencies to get a ton of info on stock photography agencies! I downloaded it immediately after our conversation and already have a few photos up on Adobe Stock!

learning stock photography with Aubrey Westlund, stock photography examples

More About Aubrey Westlund

Aubrey Westlund is a photographer, stock photography expert, and creative business strategist. She helps creatives build multiple streams of income (including passive income!) into their business so they can live a life of creative freedom.

A former wedding photographer, she now spends her time photographing whatever she wants, thanks to stock photography! Her work has been licensed by brands like Parents, Food & Wine, Real Simple Magazine, Buzzfeed, and more.

She lives in Boise, Idaho where she spends her free time backpacking in the mountains, tending to her garden, or playing make believe with her 5-year old.

Find Aubrey Everywhere!

Aubrey’s Website: Website // Instagram // Creative Abundance Podcast

Aubrey’s Stock Photography Education: Lazy Girl Bootcamp // Stock Photography Academy// Photo to Profit // Little Black Book of Stock Photo Agencies // Mentoring

learning stock photography with Aubrey Westlund, stock photography exampleslearning stock photography with Aubrey Westlund, stock photography examples

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