December 1, 2019

Alexandra, A Teal Backdrop, A Floral Dress, and a Ton of Baby’s Breath, Too! | Fine Art Portraits Fayetteville Arkansas

Hold on to your chairs because I’ve got some gorgeous fine art portraits in Fayetteville for you tonight!

A few weeks back, I looked at the empty space in my office and thought, “I could fit a full backdrop stand there!” and, fifteen minutes later, I had pulled out an old, super crinkled vinyl backdrop, ordered some baby’s breath, found a model (Alexandra is amazing!), and picked out an Opal and June dress for a stunner of a shoot. I LOVED shooting this early morning session with Alexandra. Ever since I went on maternity leave, my head has been buzzing with so many ideas and the biggest idea off them all is this: I really just want to take photographs that make me ridiculously happy. Photography, y’all. It has my heart!

So! To sum it up: I love this shoot. I love the morning I got to spend with Alexandra. I love that Poppy sat most of the time in her swing and I love that Alexandra didn’t even blink when I said we needed to take a nursing break, love that my husband doesn’t even feel a sliver of surprise when he sees a bulk order of flowers show up on his doorstep, love this light, and really freaking love my camera.

Here’s to a morning of fun, stress-free photographs! Hope y’all love them as much as I do!

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Lissa Chandler is an Arkansas wedding photographer based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the co-founder and owner of Opal and June, a styled shoot rental shop, and the creator + instructor of The Hue of You, an online (and rad!) four week editing course offered through Click Photo School.