April 1, 2024

Lissa Talks Print on Demand: How To Spot AI Mockups | Mockup Photographs for Print on Demand

How To Spot AI Mockup Photographs

Hey y’all! Today, I am talking about something a little controversial: AI Mockups.

As a mockup shop owner, I have seen all kinds of AI generated images. While I’m not here to bash AI – that is a totally complicated issue that I’m not qualified to fully discuss – I’ve recently received a lot of messages from mockup buyers who are concerned over whether or not an image is AI or whether any AI was used in the creation process of my mockup photographs.

As a photographer, I shoot all my mockup photographs and hand edit every individual mockup photograph. It’s so fun! I know this is not the path everyone takes but, because of the questions I’ve received, this podcast topic was born! So! Let’s go!

In our thirteenth episode of Lissa Talks Print on Demand, we are talking about AI Mockups!

Welcome to my limited series on Print on Demand! In our thirteenth episode, I discuss ways to spot AI mockup photographs.

Here’s the biggest ways to spot them!

Hands Look Wonky

No Models Look the Same

Something is “Off”

Everything is Overly Smooth

Look Closely at Each Item

NOTE: I am not here to tear down anyone’s work that they have created with AI assistance. As a longtime photographer, though, I thought it would be helpful to address the ways I spot AI images.

Wanna know this episode in one quote? Awesome! I’ve got you!

When you’re working with mockups, know that sometimes things are going to vary. For example, the color of a sand sweatshirt is going to look different in a brightly lit photo with a white backdrop than a sand sweatshirt on a dark background lit with a flash. With AI, though, we’re not talking about differences like this. Instead, we are talking about ways to spot AI when looking for your mockups.

As a mockup seller, I’ve noticed an uptick of messages where customers wanted to double check that no AI was used in my mockups. I’ve also noticed an increase in conversations where my customers have felt disappointed when they bought another seller’s mockup only to realize later that it is completely AI generated. Here’s the ways I spot ’em! “


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Literally forever obsessed with Printify. I use Printify for all of my print on demand printing and I’ll never stop singing their praises. They’re incredible!  For design work, I’m totally in love with Canva and also love finding extra artwork + fonts on Creative Fabrica and Creative Market.  For photography, I shoot with a Canon R6 and most of my mockup photographs are taken with the 35L or 50L. I do all of my editing in Adobe Lightroom and have since 2011! It’s my jam!

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