May 2, 2022

Fake Bridal Session Photographs in My Northwest Arkansas Garage Studio | Anna and a Flower Dress

Hello, photography friends!

Today’s the day where I vague post about this little fact: I’ve been sick off and on since Poppy was about six months old. And when I wasn’t sick, I was on a weird combination of medication that made me better but also made me worse: lots of weight gain and concentration issues and memory fog and even a fainting episode or two (or, like twenty?) to keep things really spicy. I might write more about this later – in the end the fix for me was surgery! – but, if you’ve seen me around and I looked a little off + if you’ve noticed that I’ve picked up random projects and dropped them or if you noticed that I stopped sharing my work or even if you’ve seen me make a weird offhand comment that didn’t really make sense, that’s the reason why. Your girl was fighting for, like, everything!

But! Today! I am almost two weeks post surgery + almost two weeks free of chronic pain and finally feeling like myself. So! Hello! I’m back and I am freaking ready to share some photographs. And with a vague post like the one I just posted? Let’s do these freaking stellar fake bridal photographs of my gorgeous sister, courtesy of my garage, an Opal and June dress, and a backdrop I stole from Kristen Herrington.

I mean, would you look at her?! Gorgeous!

Why Take Fake Bridals Anyway?

I love a lot of things about being a photographer but the main one is this: it’s amazing to be able to create. I love creating as much as possible – while more or less homebound the past couple of months, I made a huge ass Etsy shop full of animal collage t-shirts! – and, with photography, I love how much drama you can get from the smallest things. Want to add a few feet of tulle? Flowers in a dress? A huge bow? Done, done, and done! These little things make for such a fun editorial experience! Fake bridal sessions like this area awesome for portfolios and experience and inspiration but, mostly, they’re just really freaking fun.

Case in point! This dress – Chloe! – came in one summer night and, because I was obsessed with it on arrival, I immediately texted my sister to come over first thing in the morning. The dress didn’t fit even a little right so we grabbed a bunch of flowers + pieces of tulle and spent our morning laughing in the garage as the summer sun got higher and hotter and our fake bridal session got more and more over the top.

Hope y’all love these even a fraction as much as I do! Can’t believe these photographs are nearly two years old!

P.S. Whoever said studio is boring is, like, seriously disturbed.

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