September 27, 2018

A Glittery Bridal Session at The Adalea | A Historical Wedding Venue in Nashville!

Anyone else get a crazy spark of energy around 11:00pm every night?

No? Just me? WELL! Tonight I have that crazy burst of energy (I mean, it could be from the coffee I there back a few hours ago or belated energy from playing racquetball with Steph Smith this morning or planning Opal and June rules – ha! – with Lauren all afternoon) and I am SO pumped to channel that energy into the most gorgeous blog post before I head to bed tonight.

And in the spirit of full disclosure? Y’all should know that I’m totally listening to Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart on repeat as I put this post together. That song is my jam!!

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However! A few months ago, Opal and June was a bunch of ideas scribbled ferociously into a cute-but-battered spiral notebook, I’d never played racquetball in my life, my house was clean (such a good – and distant! – memory!) and, while in Nashville on a road trip with my awesome husband, I found myself standing at the most enchanting estate venue and I absolutely fell in love with it! The Adalea is a seriously breathtaking wedding venue in Nashville – it’s been around since the 1800’s! – and I had so much fun photographing Lauren of The Block Agency in the most sparkly dress!

For this shoot, I wanted to bring vintage modern glamour to a historical venue and I could not be more happy with how these photographs turned out. I found my voice in photography a long time ago but shoots like these have really allowed me to fine tune the colors and variety and show-stopper-ness (is that okay for me to say about my own photos?! Hahahaha. I love shooting!!) that I want my photographs to have and I’m just so happy about these photographs and absolutely tickled to share them with you!

Here’s Lauren at The Adalea, y’all! She is a gem!!

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