April 26, 2018

The Chandelier Barn at Lionsgate Event Center | Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer

I am a sucker for a good chandelier and, when I came across Lionsgate Event Center’s Chandelier Barn in Denver, Colorado, I knew I needed to shoot there! I mean, COME ON!!

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Isn’t it magic?! I got to photograph this beautiful shoot with Katie Keighin the day after our Skylight Shoot and the whole session was a total dream. The barn was even more amazing than I expected, Dionna from NXT Models was so much fun (and so gorgeous!!) and I was so excited to put together such a creative, unique, and slightly vintage inspired shoot to photograph on a random Tuesday afternoon in March. I mean, if you know me, then you know this: I love photographs.

I know! Most photographers totally really photographs but, for me, I feel a non-stop flame to create from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed and my head (and heart!) bubbles with new ideas constantly. I’ve been so lucky with my business the next seven years (love all of y’all so much!!) and, this year, I’ve been making it a point to push my work even harder by creating so many creative, pretty, and collaborative shoots. In the past month, I’ve worked with over thirty vendors to create four different – amazing! – shoots and I’m just dying to share the photographs (but I should probably edit them first!). I love all the wedding professionals in Arkansas so much and it was so fun to get to shoot in Colorado and meet more incredible wedding vendors. Loved this session, loved working with Dionna, loved the colors, loved creating, and love that y’all are getting to see these today! Here we go!!

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The dress above is one of my very favorite articles of clothing at all time. I found it from Etsy years ago and, while you can’t see it here, it has a huge pink bow in the back and totally won an award in England once for best 1940s dress at a clothing competition. This was my third time using it – you can see it on Hilary here and Bri here! – I’m still dying over how magical it looked with such a long veil in such a unique venue. I’d be pushing hard to shoot here all the time if I lived in Denver!! It’s perfect!

Speaking of the fact that I’ve photographed the above dress twice, I also snagged another dress off of Amazon for, like twenty bucks and then gasped when I pulled it out of the bag. This gold dress is GORGEOUS and I love it a crazy amount – it shimmered so hard for us at the Chandelier Barn and it was so fun to do a twist of a traditional dress paired with a short, reception friendly dress. Dionna is such a stunner and she pulled both of these looks off perfectly! So thrilled about these!

Thanks so much for letting us crash your chandelier barn, Lionsgate! It’s so beautiful!!

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Lissa Chandler is a wedding photographer in Fayetteville, Arkansas who totally ate a piece of Briar Rose Bakery neapolitan cake (aka the very best cake ever) for lunch today. 

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