If you are here, you are looking for something unique!

Here's how to know I'm the right photographer for you!

1. You love bright colors + the happiest moments.

2. You want your cheeks to hurt from smiling on your wedding day.

3. You love a good candid photograph.

4. You want photographs that'll make you smile for years to come!

5. You love the way your fiancé makes you laugh.

6. You want wedding photographs to FEEL like your wedding day.

7. You love being with your people.

8. You want photographs of people hugging, crying, and laughing.

9. You love the vibe (and color!) you see in my photographs.

10. You want your photographs to just be really freaking easy.

you'll find my wedding collections below!

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Collection One

Collection Two



Complimentary Engagement Session

Two Photographers on Wedding Day

Six Hours Wedding Day Coverage

USB of 360+ Beautiful, Hand

Edited Images

Complimentary Engagement Session

Two Photographers on Wedding Day

Eight Hours Wedding Day Coverage

USB of 480+ Beautiful, Hand

Edited Images

night wedding portraits in Missouri

Collection Three

Custom Collection


2450 minimum

Complimentary Engagement Session

Complimentary Bridal Session

Two Photographers on Wedding Day

Ten Hours Wedding Day Coverage

USB of 600+ Beautiful, Hand

Edited Images

Looking for something a little different than these packages? I've got you!

Shoot me your budget + dream wedding coverage and I'll put together a wedding collection just for you!

Note: Prices listed above do not include sales tax. All wedding collections are subject to a 9.75% sales tax rate.

Add Ons + Extras

extra coverage on wedding day

elopement rates

up to 2 hours of coverage: $1,650

up to 4 hours of coverage: $2,050

2 hour elopements must have a guest count under ten. 4 hour elopements must have a guest count under 40.


additional usb's

travel fees

USB'S MAY BE PURCHASED AT $125 A PIECE. all weddings also come with a digital download link.

Travel fees are worked out on a case by case basis and typically vary between $250 to $1500 for weddings within the US.

But! Good news! For the first time ever, I'm waiving travel fees for all US based weddings that are booked in 2024. Your wedding doesn't need to be in 2024, you just need to book sometime in the 2024 calendar year.

album information

album prices range from $525 to $1625. more info can be found on your wedding contract.

Bride with Colorful Hair, Arkansas Wedding Photographer



Phone Call or Coffee Date

Wedding Contract





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I like to keep things simple: All my booking information is online! You can find my wedding contract at this link.

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Booking without a meeting? Please shoot me an email or text me at 479-502-4151 to confirm my availability if we haven't spoken or emailed in the past 24 hours. Sometimes wedding dates fill super fast so we'll want to make sure I'm still open on your date!

Is your contract in? You're half done!

My wedding retainer is $1250 for all wedding

collections (elopement retainers are $500). Wedding retainers are non-refundable and count toward

the total amount of your wedding package.

You'll find a link to my wedding retainer here! Let me know if you have any questions about anything!







And Answers

What Happens if You're Sick?

Can I Post My Photos Online?

Let me first say that either an extreme event or a positive covid test (I'm vaccinated!) would have to happen for this to occur. Either I, my husband, or one of my kids would have to be in the hospital or in quarantine for me to miss your wedding. Once you're booked, that date is yours!

If, however, an accident, covid, or severe illness took place, I'd contact one of my wedding photographer friends or colleagues and have them shoot in my place. After the wedding, I'd take care of all the editing, communication, and delivery. You would not be left hanging on your wedding day and your wedding photographs would still be absolutely beautiful.

YES! Post away!! I love to see favorites and get so excited every time I see my clients post their photographs. I want you to enjoy your photographs - that includes posting them, too!

Your wedding gallery will initially come to you via digital download. This digital download will stay up for one year and you'll be able to share it + the download code with your parents and loved ones so they can download your photos, too. Once that's done, they are good to share as well! I'd love a tag or mention (@lissaclair on Instagram) so I can see what y'all post!

Will You Help With My Timeline?

Why Do You Shoot Weddings?

For sure! While I definitely recommend hiring a wedding planner - they are the bee's knees! - I will absolutely help with timeline planning.

A note about timelines! I do not want you to worry about anything on your wedding day! On your wedding day, I'll keep my eye on the clock for you. Most weddings run a little behind or have an unexpected event occur so, even when a timeline is set, I am super flexible and can shoot lightning fast if the need arises. You have an amazing day - I'll worry about what time we need to be where!

I shoot weddings because they're really freaking fun and there is SO MUCH to photograph. I get to shoot pretty detail shots and super fun candids and romantic shots in dreamy lighting all in one day. I love it! And on top of that? I'm a total cheeseball and I just really love love + creating photographs that families will cherish for generations. It's wonderful and so creatively fulfilling.

And I should add! The longer I'm married (12 years and counting!), the more passionate I feel about photographing weddings. It's just a really unique and wonderful experience.

Can You Shoot in Bad Lighting?

Do I Need To Give You A Shot List?

Not really! After shooting weddings for a decade, shot lists aren't really my thing. There's a reason for this! If I'm given a list of fifty must-have photographs, I'm not photographing a wedding; I'm photographing a shot list. We don't want this! If I'm waiting for your grandma to start crying during your ceremony and she has emotions of steel, I'm going to miss your mom and dad holding hands as they watch you get married. There is an exception, though! If there's something sentimental in your wedding - ie your bouquet is wrapped in your grandma's handkerchief - I'd love to know in advance!

Note: I do not require a shot list for family photographs. We'll start with the biggest family group photograph you'd like and work our way down to a photograph of just you and your mom.

Absolutely! In fact, bad light is kinda my thing! I shot a ton of weddings early on in my career and, because of this, I learned really quick that any light is good light. We can even shoot in the dark if y'all want!

And a note about venues! Some wedding blogs will suggest that your photographer needs prior experience at your wedding venue. I disagree with this! If your photographer knows how to use light and you love their portfolio, they don't need experience at your venue. Good photographers can shoot in natural light; incredible photographers can walk into any situation and come back out with jaw dropping images. When you're choosing a wedding photographer (even if it's not me!), make sure that their portfolio includes diverse lighting and not just photographs taken right before sunset.

When Will I Get My Photos?

My Photos Are In! How Do I Print?

My average turnover for portrait sessions is 4-6 weeks. My average turnover for weddings is 3 months with your wedding contract stating 3-5 months.

And y'all! I get it! The waiting period for photographs is so hard. If you're looking for a photographer with a super speedy turnover, I'm probably not the best pick for you. But! If you want photographs that are hand edited with a ton of care + attention to detail? I am so your girl! I'm so passionate about creating photographs that'll make my clients really freaking happy and, because of this, the editing process takes time!

Note: All my contracts include optional add-ons for a quicker turnover time.

All of my sessions come with a print release! This allows you to print your photographs wherever you'd like in whatever size you'd like.

Want to order prints through me? I am so game! My professional print lab is a-freaking-mazing and the colors are perfect! Want to print on your own? I recommend mpix.com for prints, Artifact Uprising for albums, and CG Pro Prints for canvases. I do not recommend printing your photos at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Costco, or any other drugstore type lab.

Also! Pro Tip: When uploading your photos to print, make sure to uncheck any box that resizes your photos for a faster upload. Then, when checking out, make sure the "color correct" option is not selected.

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