February 4, 2024

The Cutest Photographer Candles: Cute and Small Photographer Thank You Gifts

Cute and Small Thank You Gifts for Photographers: 9 Oz Soy Candles

Y’all! When I started the cute merch section of Opal and June – including these adorable little candles that work perfect as photographer thank you gifts – I was really hesitant to share any of it anywhere besides my Etsy shop. There was a lot of reasons for this but, when it came down to it, I was just really nervous the items wouldn’t be well received! I loved them, knew my Etsy customers loved them, and had a blast making them but, since I didn’t really knuckle down and focus on it until last fall, I felt like I was just constantly testing the waters when I made a new design. And as someone who’s not a designer? It felt really vulnerable! But honestly? Isn’t that what the whole creative process about?

I think it is! So! This morning, I woke up and thought: It’s time.

I’m ready to start sharing more of the super fun + kitschy items I’ve taught myself to make this past year. And every Sunday? I’ll be sharing a few of my current fave items on here and my Instagram, too! Not going to lie: Everything on my shop is super extra + a little chaotic. But most of all? It is freaking fun! I adore making them! And today? We are starting this fun new series with a few of my favorite photographer candles. These are the perfect thank you gifts for photographers because they are cute, they’re cheeky, and they smell real good. And yes!! Y’know I’ve tried all these scents out! They’re incredible.

thank you gift for wedding photographer

Funny + Kitschy Candles for Awesome Photographers

My favorite of these candles? Probably the cute cottagecore bear holding the camera or the ridiculous cat candle. They’re just really freaking silly. And while all of them are silly, I just like to see them as little thank you gifts that feel like a high five for photography.

All our candles are available in five different scents: Apple Harvest, Cinnamon Vanilla, Clean Cotton, Sea Salt + Orchid, and White Sage + Lavender. They all smell great! Want something homey? I recommend Cinnamon Vanilla. Want something light? White Sage + Lavender is probably the lightest smell with Sea Salt + Orchid following close behind. All candles are hand poured in California by our print partner Lumient. I love offering print on demand merch because it means I can focus on my photographs and, when I need to take a mental break from editing, I take some time to design some really fun + colorful merch to share with people everywhere. It’s a blast! And Lumient (who I use through Printify) is so freaking great, too!

Surprise your fave photographer – or yourself! – with one of these candles at the following links!

Opal and June® Photographer Gifts: All The Cool Girls Are Wedding Photographers // Praying for Good Sunsets All Week Long (lol) // Shoot All Day, Edit All Night // High Fives for Photography // Edit All Day // Probably Lost My Lens Cap // Me, When I See a Photo That Needs to Be Taken // Let’s Shoot // I Just Want to Travel and Take Photos // Watch Out or I’ll Shoot // And so many more, too!

Can’t wait to share more with you next week!

cute photographer candlescute photographer thank you gift

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