June 13, 2019

One Plant, Four Backdrops | Some Photos From The Hue of You!

Last week, I wrapped the second run of my Click Photo School workshop The Hue of You.

This workshop is such an intense and quickly paced workshop – I make my students dig really deep to address what they do and don’t like, ask them roughly a zillion questions, and give a ton of personalized feedback, too. Since it’s super hands on, the course flies by and I love seeing the progress each and every student makes in just four weeks time! It’s so rewarding and incredible and I love it so much.

To keep the workshop super fresh, I like to create new Bonus Material for every run and, this time, I did an editing video where I photographed the same plant with different solid colored backdrops (and by “solid colored backdrops”, I mean “poster board”) and seeing the difference in tones was so amazing and I thought I’d share the final photos here! These ended up being such a fun creative outlet!

I used a bright yellow backdrop, a pastel pink backdrop, a kelly green backdrop, and a vibrant purple backdrop. The photographs were taken in my office near a window with one poster board behind the planter and one under the planter – simplest setup ever! – and I just think these turned out so fun!

Hope y’all get a kick out of these! I think my favorite is the purple but the yellow is ridiculously happy, too!

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Lissa Chandler is an Arkansas wedding photographer based in Fayetteville, Arkansas who really loves shooting bright and happy colors – even if it’s a photo of a cute white plant!

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