January 13, 2018

Leah and Daniel’s Awesome Family Photographs in Fayetteville | NWA Photographer

So. My kids have gotten old.

And by “old” I mean that it feels like they left babyhood behind a long, long time ago even though they are only seven and five. Max is in advanced placement classes in elementary school, he wears neon colors like a total boss, he constantly asks to invite friends over, he always has a book in front of his face, always wants to ride his bike or play tennis or go rollerblading (even when it’s freezing!) and he works our TV system for me because I’m basically clueless in that department. The kid’s awesome and smart as a whip! And Henry? Henry is collecting his very own cactus garden, has super strong taste in music, knows so much about animals that he recently taught me the difference between crocodiles and alligators, has an eagle eye for spiders and bugs, crashes our bed every night (still!) at three in the morning, always wants to color and build Legos and play Zelda on the Switch, and always checks the ingredients of his food before he eats unless Andrew or I give it to him. The child has grown like a weed and I can’t believe he’ll be in kindergarten in a few short months!! Ah!!

But! Here’s the craziest part of it all: The getting old part? It happened in the blink of an eye. One day, Max was crying because he ate too much frosting at his first birthday party and, fifteen seconds later, he was bringing home spelling tests. When you’re a parent, it can be so easy to take moments for granted because a lot of parenting is repetitive but here’s the real deal: It goes by flipping fast. Cherish those moments with your babies, y’all!! And take lots of photographs, too!

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Which brings me to this: Photographing families is so fun!!

I photographed more families in the fall of 2017 then I did in all of 2014, 2015, and 2016 combined (crazy, right?!) and, the more I photographed families this past fall, the more I photographed families just like I photograph my own kids and just like I photographed my own babies when they were little. Time slips by so fast when you’re a parent and sessions like these are so near and dear to my heart! I got to photograph Leah and Daniel and their ridiculously cute / amazingly hilarious daughter at Gulley Park in Fayetteville this past October and I am so thrilled to share these!

Check out the love between these three, y’all! It’s a heart stopper!!

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Fall Family Photographs in Fayetteville | Lissa Chandler PhotographyFamily Photographer in Northwest ArkansasNorthwest Arkansas Family Photography

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Not gonna lie, these stop-and-eat photographs are my favorite. Life with a baby in a nutshell!

Seriously can’t get over this cute family and how much fun their session was! Love all the love and light and color in these. Thanks for having me photography your family, Leah and Daniel! Y’all are amazing and I had the best time with shooting these sweet photographs!

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Funny Family Photographs, Arkansas Family Photographs

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