January 19, 2015

Anna | Short Sleeved Bridals in 32 Degree Weather

Anna used to live in a blue bedroom with a stenciled-in picket fence (flowers included) and two twin beds covered with patchwork quilts with, like, three pillows each and a vaulted ceiling and a jack and jill bathroom that led to her mother’s sewing room and a seashell wind chime and piles of shoes thrown in the closet and stuffed animals bursting out of every corner. I know all of this because I lived in that bedroom, too.

Anna is my younger sister – three years and fifty one weeks younger if I’m being totally precise – and since she is gorgeous and twenty-four and I like to hang out with her, I coerced her into modeling for me while I was home over Christmas. I rented a wedding dress, had it shipped to my parents’ house and, a few days after Christmas, we headed to a nearby wildlife refugee area (we’re from Missouri, y’all!) on, like a sixteenth tank of gas, and then took photographs until Anna’s whole body nearly froze and my fingers nearly froze, too.

It. Was. Awesome.

(Also I totally took these photographs while wearing sweats and no makeup and no boots.)

A little more about Anna: Anna is a student at BYU-Idaho and works at Victoria’s Secret and, when she was fourteen, her eyeliner was, like, the definition of emo eyeliner and, when she was twenty, she came and stayed with me for a week when Max was born and, better yet, she’s funny and sassy and silly and basically the best younger sister who has ever sistered (and yes, I’m totally biased). Also, I love her. Here is Anna freezing her buns off!

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