January 26, 2014

Arkansas Air and Military Museum | An Afternoon with My Family

So. My three-year-old, Max, is a riot.

Three or four weeks ago, I sat across from him at the dinner table and asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He touched his chin, said “Hmmmm…”, opened his eyes really big like he had just had the most exciting epiphany ever and said, “I know! An apple! I want to be an apple when I grow up!”

A few days later, he told Andrew that he had changed his mind. “Dad,” he said to my husband one night, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up anymore. BUT! I think that Henry wants to be an apple and, when I grow up, I am going to eat him.” (Sidenote: Yes. I am still laughing at this and am also slightly disturbed because, well, wanting to eat your brother is a little odd, right? Right!).

Today, he told us that he loves dumping things so, when he grows up, he wants to be a dump truck driver. Which is true- especially when it comes to toy bins and laundry baskets full of folded, fresh-out-of-the-dryer clothes.

But yesterday! Yesterday! He was an airplane.

Fayetteville Arkansas Photographer | lissachandler.com

We spent our afternoon at the Arkansas Air and Military Museum yesterday and, honestly, it was such a blast. My kids LOVED it. My husband loved it. And I loved it, too! My husband and I are both history nerds- we both have Bachelor’s Degrees in History and he is currently working on his Masters- and it was so much fun to walk around and see all of the airplanes and see all of the memorabilia hidden in this awesome gem of a museum. Plus, it was beyond awesome to watch my kids run around the pavement outside pretending to be airplanes. Seriously- these two may grow up to be pilots solely thanks to this museum visit. We had so much fun seeing all the planes!

Here’s some photographs from our afternoon!

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