December 9, 2018

A Night Shoot with Bloom Floral + Opal and June | Wedding Photographer in Fayetteville

AH! How magical is this night time photograph taken by Kristen?!

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If you know me, you know that I am crazy passionate about a million different things but, when it comes to wedding photography, there’s a soapbox I step on time and time again:

I believe that every wedding photographer should be able to shoot in any kind of light.

This wasn’t something I thought a ton about when I first started shooting but, four years ago, I spent an entire winter putting models and couples in front of unexpected light sources – car headlights, street lamps, etc. – and, honestly, it was the biggest game changer for me of any unusual photography technique I ever experimented with. Since then, I’ve taught myself how to shoot from all kind of ambient light (sometimes I light photographs with my phone flashlight!) and, after shooting about five hundred portraits of Andrew sitting in our living room with all the lights turned off, I finally got a handle on Off Camera Flash. Shooting in the dark is one of those techniques that seems scary but – y’all!! – if you are a wedding photographer, you need to know it! It’s so freeing to be able to shoot anywhere at anytime!

Which brings me to this shoot! A few weeks back, I grabbed Henrietta and Rita from Opal and June (did you know Opal and June is a branch of LCP?), drove up to Rogers and met Kristen and my dear friend Steph of Steph Smith Weddings where we photographed this fun little shoot as soon as it got dark. I took very few of these photographs – the ones that are basically all black and the flower details are mine and that’s it! – and I am so excited to share Kristen’s photographs with y’all! Kristen’s been part of LCP for nearly a year and a half and it has been so fun to watch her grow + I can’t wait to see where this girl goes in the future!

And these gorgeous flowers? They’re from Bloom!! Chelle is so talented!

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