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Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer in Fayetteville! Happy Photographs for the Wildly in Love.

Lissa Chandler is a creative wedding, engagement, and portrait photographer located in Fayetteville, Arkansas who believes that photographs are magic. Photography Sessions with Lissa Chandler are unique, fun, full of personality, and, most importantly, are put together to showcase YOU. No two people and no two couples are alike. Your photographs should celebrate this!! Lissa is the most passionate photographer you will ever meet and, because of her passion for people and photography, she is known nationwide for heart-stopping photographs that explode with happiness, incredible emotion, and fantastic light. If you love happy photographs and bright colors, you have come to the right place!

So! Make yourself at home! Read Lissa’s blog, browse Senior, Engagement, Wedding, and Family galleries, learn more about photography at this link, and get to know more about Lissa Chandler here. There’s lots to look over (in a good way!), so pull up a chair, grab a huge glass of lemonade, and get ready to hear a bunch of stories as you fall in love with gorgeous images. We are so happy you are here!

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BrightHappy, and Creative Wedding Photography in Northwest Arkansas and The South

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer Lissa Chandler photographs local weddings in Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fort Smith, Eureka Springs, Bella Vista, and all of Northwest Arkansas. Additionally, Lissa Chandler photographs weddings throughout the entire South and Mid-West and feels most at home photographing happy, creative, and joyous Southern weddings filled with amazing couples, meaningful details, and happy people. We love backyard weddings and unique wedding venues and super happy couples and, most of all, we love weddings that overflow with personality and weddings that are wholeheartedly and unabashedly focused on love. We have so much fun with our couples! Lissa is available for wedding work nationwide and, no matter your location, she would love to talk with you about your wedding!

Contact Lissa via her Contact Page to inquire about your Wedding Day, Engagement Session, Family Session, or Senior Portrait Session!

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