January 23, 2016

My Man is Twenty Nine and I LOVE Him.

Today, my husband is twenty-nine years old.

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Usually, I sit down and write a billion reasons why I love (and like!) Andrew on his birthday. It’s a bit of a tradition – I started a family blog right when we got married so I’ve always had the space to write about him and, more importantly, his birthday makes me sappy for two reasons. The first is that he is, hands down, my person in every sense of the word – and I mean that even during times of trial when he says he’ll “take over the laundry” and then acts surprised when the (clean!) laundry forms large mounds on the floor if it isn’t folded right out of the dryer. The second is that, on his twenty-second birthday seven years ago, Andrew came up to me at a party, asked me a question, and then we stayed up for the next six hours talking about our lives and movies and the fact that his mother called him “Anj”. He didn’t have a birthday cake (I found out months later that he was supposed to hang out with a group of his friends that night to celebrate his birthday but he tagged along with me to several parties instead) so, after we went to my apartment at, like, midnight that night, I baked him chocolate chip cookies and found a random birthday candle and my roommate and I sang him Happy Birthday. Two weeks later, he told me that he loved me and, four weeks after that, we got engaged because we were super young and crazy in love and when you know, you just know. And with Andrew? I just knew.

So! To my favorite six foot tall man who loves Star Wars and bringing me three cups of ice water a night and playing Minecraft with our five year old and not complaining when I steal the covers at night and cooking and steak and cruises and sherbet and The Beatles and dad jokes and ridiculously skinny pants and saying “Don’t you dare!” whenever I try to open the door on a date night, you are everything and I love you, especially since we are the same age again.

Happy Birthday, Andrew! I – and our two crazy boys! – love you to the moon and back and all the way round the whole world again!

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