February 1, 2014

White Wedding Ring | Wedding Blog Circle

Remember how it snowed like crazy earlier this month?

Well! After a long day of cabin fever, I stuck my engagement ring into the snow and photographed this:

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When we got married, I declined having my wedding ring photographed because, at the time, I thought it seemed kind of silly. I was going to wear my wedding ring every day so, in my opinion, I really did not need a photograph of it, especially not one of it artfully placed on a teacup or a flower or a bit of pretty lace. But then! I had two babies and developed a wicked allergy to my ring and, honestly, kind of wished I’d had had those photographs taken. Luckily, though, in an awesome twist of fate, I became a wedding photographer and realized that I could take a photograph of my ring myself!

Moral of the Story: Don’t forget to have your ring photographed on your wedding day (or during engagements!).

Second Moral of the Story: If you forget to have your ring photographed, become a wedding photographer so you can take one of your ring yourself. Sure, I was a June bride and it was over 100 degrees on my wedding day but I absolutely love this little gem of a photograph. It was totally worth frozen toes since, naturally, I stepped onto my porch in the middle of snow and took these barefoot. I did live in Utah for four years, after all.

And I think that’s enough rambling for now.

PS. This post was part of a wedding blog circle (I know! Two blog circles in two days! I am certifiably crazy!) so go and check out Lisa’s gorgeous work right here.


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This shot totally embodies the theme “Pure White”. It is gorgeous!!

This is lovely. My photographer didn’t even suggest that I get my ring photographed. Perhaps I should try a shot. Thanks for the inspiration!

I absolutely love this Lissa! I didn’t have my ring photographed either. I’m totally going to borrow this idea of using the snow as a backdrop. We were married in the winter so it will make perfect sense too!